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See what others have to say about Pizza Plus in Escalon!

“Excellent pepperoni pizza and the crust is superb.  And one of the best salad bars I’ve ever seen, fresh and lots of variety.”

W K in Escalon, CA


“So I’ve been going to pizza plus my whole life and I love the hand tossed dough the sauce is delicious and the potato pizza is very creative. If you’ve never tried this place I recommend you try it once and be prepared to return for more!!!

Mike G. in Escalon, CA


“Nice quiet time before the noon lunch rush. I had the Woodcutter sandwich and my wife had the all you can eat salad. The sandwich was great!”

Luke S. in Farmington, CA


“Bill and all of his staff are very friendly, and the pizza is great. We always ask for it to be extra crunchy, and they always meet our needs. Thanks Bill.”

Curtis R. in Escalon, CA


“Amazing pizza nice and toasty, crumbs on the crust crispy dough fresh ingredients great people and great prices best in the 209 best cheese bread!!!”\

Goliath K. in Modesto, CA


“We come from out of town just to get the pizza here. They have managed to load the pizza with toppings without making the crust soggy. It’s perfect. They are always super friendly and efficient. Will always be my favorite pizza place.”

Kellen M. in Riverbank, CA

“It’s rare for me to give five stars.  It takes a good meal, good service, and a good experience.  Fortunately, for Pizza Plus, I can’t give four and a half stars.  They’re good enough for rounding up to five.

It’s also rare for me to find a pizza I like well enough to travel a great distance.  I believe I’ve found one of those pizzas here.

My buddy and I arrived at lunch time.  I’ve been reading great reviews for the place and bookmarked it a couple of months ago.  It seemed a place that was more family than company, even though there are other locations.  We were in Ripon, and there was a location there, but this location was rated as much better.

We couldn’t really decide what size to order.  We weren’t incredibly hungry.  The person behind the counter suggested that there was a personal size pizza and we ordered one as Super, and another with only Pepperoni.

With two drinks, and the pizzas, it was a bit over $17, which seemed reasonable but not amazing.  I was thinking of personal as a 6 inch pizza, which I regularly ordered at one pizza chain for $2.99 for Deluxe.

When the pizzas arrived, they were huge for what she called “mini”.  They seemed 10 inch pizzas.  There were plenty of ingredients and the crust was baked well.  Thick crust is not my favorite any longer but this was baked thoroughly, which added to the taste.  There was no problem with pizza dust (old, fallen ingredients that had burnt) from the oven on the bottom of the pizza.

It’s obvious that people working at this location care a great deal.  I didn’t see many others getting pizza–most seemed to be buying sandwiches, but I suspect any menu item was great, and could stand up to any pizza place in the country.”

Nobuyuki S. in Manteca, CA

“Let’s just say I had a 20 minute discussion on how my friend could possibly transport this to me when she travels from California to see me in Paris. It’s THAT good, and there is no other Pizza like it. Now, it’s not the best “pizza” in the world per se (calm down Italians and New Yorkers). It is its own genre of pizza, a delicious dough covered in a one of a kind marinara, and cheese that is perfectly browned and melted. This all comes together to be a delectable vehicle for the zestiest ranch dressing known to man.

My order is normally a cheese pizza, extra sauce. Sometimes I switch it up with an addition of mushrooms and olives. This I shamelessly use to shovel in the maximum volume of ranch per bite (RPB) allowed by physics. And then, parmesan breadsticks, which i dip in ranch and marinara. The key is to dip in marinara first, then ranch, so that you don’t ranch up your marinara sauce. The best part of this Pizza Plus location is they never judge when you ask for 5 of each sauce. I normally get this order with a couple of friends, so that I don’t collapse in a lonely, glutenous guilt pit after. Despite sounding like I am on my way to gaining 300 pounds, I have never regretted a Pizza Plus binge.

Whether eating there, or takeout, you won’t be disappointed. Also, the perfect sized pizza for sauce to cheese ratio is the medium, so you should order 2 mediums instead of a large. And never feel ashamed at the amount of ranch you will consume.”

Sierra V. in Berkeley, CA


“Great people, Great food, reasonably priced.

With the exception of Sunday’s, when they’re closed, I have been faithful for over 12 years.

For a small town we have no shortage of pizza places, but NONE better than Pizza Plus!!!”

Steve K. in Escalon CA


“Enjoyed the vegetables Pizza… crispy and full tomotoes, mushroom etc..  I would surely recommend people to visit….”

Prakash G. in Fremont, CA